Introduction: Leather Spiderman Inspired Mask - Original and Symbiote (black Suit)

About: We are Amy and Tanner Skrocki and we are a husband and wife full-time artist team who are also parents of a 4-year-old. We create a variety of handmade items including metal work, leather-work, woodwork, paper…

Supplies for cutting and engraving

Water dish and sponge

Rounded or sharp tool for making marks on the leather. If you don’t have this you can use a pen or pencil.

Cutting knife or craft knife

Tandy Industrial knife -

Craft Knife -

Hand engraver -

Painters tape

Rotary knife (not needed but useful)

Border tool (optional for creating outline around eyes)


Cutting mat

Paper template

Vegetable tanner leather 4-7 oz (whatever you have on hand. 5/6 oz is ideal).

Leather scissors (optional)

Something to shape your mask over - either your own face or a mannequin head

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