Introduction: Leather Veneer Bracelet


this is my first instructions and my English is not so good. So I hope you understand what I mean.

I made bracelets that you see in the photo.

Step 1: What You Need:

- leather bracelet (you can also do it yourself)

- wood veneer

- cutter

- sandpaper

- stain

- paintbrushes

- fine liner

- varnish

- superglue

Step 2: Transfer, Cut and Stain

Transfer the contour of the bracelet (take the backs) on the wood veneer and cut it carefully with a cutter. The edges should be sanded. Then you can stain the veneer in color that you want. I like dark wood.

Step 3: Paint

When it is dry, you can paint on a pattern with a fine liner or a thin brush and wood stain (then you have to be very carefully!!!). I have decided on a musical notation.

Step 4: Finished

Then you painted the veneer with transparent varnish and glue it on the leather bracelet.


I made this bracelet for my best friend who sings in a choir. I hope you enjoy.