Introduction: Leather Workshop Binder Clips (two Minutes Hack)

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Today a really short project: rubber padded binder clips for leather working to secure glued seams etc. The issue is, we want to hold together two or more pieces of leather without leaving any marks on the leather. You can buy online some tools to do so, but you can also make this "mini clamps" by yourself - with scrap / nearly for no money. I found another Instructable with sewed leather-padding - also worth to see. I present the lowest-budget-and-fastest-version.

Tools & material needed:

bicycle tube (rubber)

binder clip

small rubber band



pen to mark (not pictured - sorry)

I want to say A BigThank You! :-) to all my followers and be sure, I have some projects in pipeline I will edit as soon as possible.

Step 1: Cut the Rubber Tube

A little bit wider than the binder clip - to prevent any contact of the metal with the leather (later when you use it). Then you cut the tube to open it.

Step 2: Punch the Holes

Mark the points you want the holes - see on the picture - as wide as the wire of the binder clip. Punch 4 holes.

Step 3: Assemble

Put the wire trough the holes and fold the rubber into the clip - then secure the rubber in the clip with a small rubber band - just to hold it in place. Done.

Step 4: Use It

Most simple clip protected with rubber to hold leather pieces together (for gluing, maybe wet molding etc.). Enjoy! Hope you like it.

(Upgrade: You could easily use soft leather instead the rubber-tube. And you could glue the leather into the clip (inside and if you want also outside) to replace the rubber-band. Would be very nice.)

Be well and healthy!

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