Introduction: Shoe-Shine-Box

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Now it is too hot in Austria to make a new project. So I want to show you a project I made one year ago. Thats why I have no step-by-step-pictures, but I hope I can illustrate the process of making the shoe-shine-box anyhow. It is not very complex.

Everything starts, when you own some shoes worth to care a little more than usual. You buy some shoe-shine-stuff and leather-care-products. Then the problem, where to store it (yes you could also use every kind of container...) ... store it with style, to make it a little bit convenient to shine your shoes. Then you look around to find a shoe-shine-box. There are a lot to find - filled with all the stuff you already have and they are expensive and often too small or too big. The most important point for me to make a box was the fact, that I found no readymade box where the brushes are stored appropiate. I think, if the brushes have some quality and they carry some dirt or wax or so they should be stored the hairs hanging down. So I had the idea to make it with the magnets and the metal sheet.

Step 1: Two Boxes

First you construct two wooden boxes - one for the top and one for the base. I was not in the mood to build it on my own, so I bought these boxes: 30x40x6 cm and 30x40x14 cm made of beechwood. Each box has two holes to carry it comfortable.

Step 2: Edges, an Iron Sheet and Leather on the Top

I stiffened all the edges with angle plates to make the box more durable (also the bottom-box). I suppose it is not absolutely necessary because the box is solid enough - I made it more for the look. Remember for all screws: maybe you have to drill a small hole not to split the wood - it depends what kind of wood you use, but I think the right drill is never false. Then I mounted some synthetic bumpers - it is later important, that the box is closing tight. Then I used an iron sheet - cut it in the right size and glued it inside the box. After this you secure the sheet with wooden strips on the sides; I used hot-glue for this. Outside (the top of the complete box) I glued a big peace of strong leather - a stage for the shoe when you shine it. Bevore I did this, I had to remove the wooden strips (it was for stiffening the bottom of the box - now our top - and we dont need it. You can see these strips at the bigger box - I left it there - they are the "legs" of the box.)

Step 3: The Magnetic Brushes

I drilled holes in the size of the neodymium-magnets and glued it in with epoxy.

Step 4: The Bottom Box

Stiffening the edges, but no bumpers, they are only on the lid. I cutted leather stripes and mounted them with small screws (for wood) and washers for the bottles and for the shoe-bone (here I attached snap-fasteners)

Step 5: Assembling

Then I screwed the hinges on the back and the fasteners on the front. When you mount the fasteners you have to try it with a little tension to keep the box closed tightly (the elastic bumpers will help to do this). Last you cut a nylon-ribbon in the right size, burn the ends and tighten it with washers to hold the lid in a nearly vertical position (only some degrees laid back).

Step 6: Fill It and Use It.

The shoe-shine-box is ready to be filled with all the creams, waxes, oils, brushes, bones ;-), laces, and so on. The box has now the size 30x40x21 cm.

It is easy to make and you can build the exact size you want. The box could be improved by constructing a "mezzanine" which can be taken out. When you do it with the magnetic brushes you have to consider that you need enough space under the brushes. You could also sandpaper the boxes and oil it or paint it, or glaze it ... if you want to do so, do it as an early step.

Have fun with it!