Introduction: Leather Wrapped Rock

Is it a paperweight? An oversized worry stone?

You can use it for whatever you like - but don't overpay for it by buying it on-line. Make your own leather wrapped rock.

Leather Wrapped Rock on YouTube

What you'll need:

A stone: preferable flat and round. Large, heavy or irregularly shaped rocks will make this project much more difficult.

Leather: large enough to cover your stone.

Sewing Awl: I prefer one like this, which you can find on line or at many craft stores.

Barge Cement: contact cement. Coat two surfaces with Barge, allow them to dry the recommended time and then stick them together for a permanent bond.

Household measuring and cutting tools for sizing your leather.

A brush or other applicator for applying the contact cement.

Step 1: Step 1: Size Leather to Rock

The rock you use should be round and mostly flat. An irregular shaped stone will make your project much more difficult. Using a razor and a straight edge, cut your leather to size. You want two opposing ends of the leather both to have straight edges for the next step. Don't worry about trimming the leather in the other direction as that will come later.

Step 2: Step 2: Glue and Clamp

Using Barge cement, or a similar contact cement, coat both sides of the edges of the leather. Follow the directions on the cement for drying times, then join the two sides together.

Close that side with spring clamps then repeat the process on the opposing side.

You should end up with the stone in tucked into a pouch that has been glued and clamped on each side. Make sure the leather is stretched taught across the face of the stone.

Step 3: Step 3: Stitch With a Sewing Awl

A sewing awl is a great tool for stitching leather.

Following the directions with the awl, thread the tool with waxed cotton cording. Press the awl through the leather at one end of the glued seam.

Pull a length of the string from the tip of the sewing awl.

As you begin retract the awl through the hole, the thread will make a small loop along the awl needle. Insert the end of your excess thread through the loop and pull the thread tight.

As you finish retracting the awl, pull both ends of the thread tight against each other, forming a knot.

Repeat the process as you stitch your way around the stone and as you finish, trim the excess thread and tie the ends in a knot.

Step 4: Step 4: Trim Excess Leather

Using scissors or a razor, trim the excess leather a short distance away from the stitches.

Step 5: Step 5: Complete

You should end up with a stone that is tucked into a leather pouch.

And it cost you just a few dollars for leather, contact cement and a sewing awl - rather than the $85 that some big retail stores are trying to sell get on-line.

When giving a gift, it is easy to buy something prepackaged and readily available on-line or in a store. It's far more thoughtful to make something yourself. When you do that - you're sharing a memory in the form of a physical object and letting the recipient know you invested real time and effort into your gift.

Good luck and happy sewing.

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