Introduction: Leather and Paracord Bicycle Grips.

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If you have the good taste of riding bike you must know that the grips are an important part of the Bike. You can add a Vintage touch and give your bike that Good old Style.

Surfing the web I found some nice leather grips but there are so expensive, so I thought why dont make them myself ?. So this is a last minute project be gentle and please let me know your thoughts.

Step 1: Stuff and Tools.

One big issue its where to find Leather, so you dont have to buy a half of a Cow, Try upcycling those old leather Boots.

One Bicycle handle bar without grips.

Two pieces of leather of 12 cm x 8cms.


Leather punch tool.

2 meters of thin Paracord.One for each Grip.




Pointed pliers.


Two wine corks.

Step 2: Cut, Perfore and Weave.

Once you had the two pieces of leather dip it in water for two hours, then trace a line along the piece and mark small dots each 5 milimeters, then punch 12 holes en each side.

Wrap the handle bar tube and start to tie strongly the Grip, Finnaly tie together the points of the remaining paracord, and put them inside the tube covering with the corks.

That´s all Nice and easy. !!

Step 3: I Can Ride My Bike With Leather Handlebars!!

I would love to show off riding my bike with my new leather handlebars but this is part of another story. Coming soon anyway, I hope you like it rate vote and leave a comment.

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