Introduction: Leather Tool Roll

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This is a short instructable that goes along with my saddlebag project. You can refer to that project for tools, materials and more detail about how things are sewn, leather etc!

This project was also driven by my need to transport things on my newly bought 1980 Honda CM400T. It's old and needs tools to survive, and I wanted to transport them in style.

The inspiration for this also came from, go check out their amazing work!

Step 1: Leather Back and Straps

A rectangular piece of 2 mm thick veg tanned leather was chamfered on two corners and two leather buckles made from the same thickness were riveted onto this piece

Step 2: Fabric Tool Holder, Pocket and Flaps

Everything is cut out from waxed cotton, including a zipped pocket and separate spaces for the tools I'd need:

A pair of pliers

A pair of wire cutters

An adjustable spanner

A flathead and a phillips n°3 screwdriver

N° 10, 12-13, 16-17 metric spanners

A shop rag

A magnetic expandable flashlight

I suggest laying out the tools onto the fabric to make a custom tool roll that holds exactly what you need! Also, the zipped pocket holds conveniently all the small parts and bits and pieces you may need: screws, zip ties, a piece of 200 lb kevlar string...

Then, the leather part is stitched to the back

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