Introduction: Leather Purse


After seing some beautiful bags here on instructables I decided I wanted to make a purse for my lovely girlfriend.

Edit: Wasn't happy with the edges so decided to paint and burnish them with Eco-Flo Gum Tragacanth and a slicker.

Items I used:

• 2mm thick leather
• Sharp knife
• Strap cutter
• Self healing cutting mat
• Metal ruler
• Awl and cork
• Groover
• Rotary punch
• Edge beveler
• Multi-tool (used instead of slicker)
• Eyelets and eyelet tool
• Snap button
• Leather schampoo
• Eco-Flo Super Shene
• Eco-Flo Gum Tragacanth
• Olive oil
• Waxed thread
• Two needles using the saddle stitch technique
• Wooden hammer
• Hole puncher

Step 1: Paper Model

I asked my girlfriend how big she wanted the purse, what kind of strap etc, then I made a paper model.

I decided to cut off the two small pieces beside the piece that says "botten". I thought that they could be used as some kind of reinforcement but they were just in the way.

Step 2: Cut the Leather

Make sure to have a sharp knife and cut on a self healing cutting board.

Step 3: Preparing for Sewing

To prepare for sewing I made a line at the edge with a groover, marked holes with a rotary punch, cut the edges with a edge beveler and made the holes with an awl with cork underneath.

(Help from a cat is optional)

Step 4: Mark and Bend

I used a fat-pen on the back of the leather to mark where the bends will be.

I wet the leather with water and banged it with a wooden hammer.

Step 5: Burnish the Edges

I burnished the edges by using fine sand paper, olive oil, Eco-Flo Gum Tragacanth and a multi-tool with a soft attachment.

I didn't make the edges super slick and shiny, but I didn't want them raw.

Step 6: Finish the Leather

Leather schampoo was used the clean the leather, and then wiped off with an old t-shirt. I then applied a thin layer of olive oil to make the leather a bit softer and darker. Lastly I put on Eco-Flo Super Shene and buffed it with my girlfriends old leggings.

Step 7: Sewing

Waxed thread with two needles was used. The sewing technique is saddle stitch.

On the second picture you can clearly see why I decided to just cut that piece off.

I punched holes and sew on the "lid" as well, just for decoration.

Step 8: Strap Holder Things and Snap Button

Small pieces were sewn on the sides of the purse to hold the strap. They have eyelets so the strap can be changed to another if needed.

One of the holes got really messed up, lol.

Measured and punched a hole with a hole puncher and put the snap button in place.

Step 9: Strap

First of all I measured how long she wanted the strap. Measured the D-ring that was going to be used so the strap would fit, and cut the leather with a strap cutter. The strap ended up being approx 110cm.

For decoration I grooved lines and made holes for sewing. Lots and lots of holes. Bend the leather where the D-ring will be.

Step 10: Strap Continued

Some olive oil was put on the strap in a thin layer. After it had soaked for a while I put on some Eco-Flo Super Shene and buffed it. The edges was burnished a bit.

Step 11: Sewing the Strap

The sewing on the strap took loads of time. But I got through it with the help of my dear friends Coffee and Netflix.

Step 12: Add Something Soppy

Step 13: Finished!

I hope you enjoyed my work :)

Cheers, Jesper

Edit: Wasn't happy with the edges so decided to paint and burnish them with Eco-Flo Gum Tragacanth and a slicker.

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