Introduction: Led Strips Soft Box

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Hello guys welcome to my new instructable.
In which I am made a led soft box from led strips.
So let's get started.


Tools you needed.

1) soldering iron
2) soldering wire
3)glue gun
4)12 volt supplie

1)Led strips pieces
3) switch
4)12 connector

And one soft box dummy

Step 1: Soft Box Body

Soft box body size


Step 2: Led Strips Cutting

So in the third I step I am cut led strips in to small pieces.
I need only 4 piece.

Step 3: Connection

In this step I am connected leds into series.
By using soldering iron. Then connect with wire to give power.

Step 4: Last Connection

Now in the last step just remine to connect power connector to power the led strips.
So thats all

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