Introduction: Germinating Seeds Indoor

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Hello guys...
Welcome to another project or as well as instructables.
So today's topic is very important and basic. because in gardening the main thing to germinate seeds. So today I am going to show how to germinate seeds easily and perfectly.


Things you needed

1) Mini poly house try
2) Tissue paper
3) Spray bottle
4) Seeds
5) Hydrogen peroxide
6) garden soil
7) Perlite
8) Compost
Seeds i am using

Lemon cucumber

White cucumber

Red ladyfinger

Rosa Bianca eggplant

Sponge gourd

White eggplant

Step 1: Preparing Try

So first you put put tissue papper in try. Then put seeds.
Now I am using diluted hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is prevent fungus. Because some time seeds are expired or vanished.
So that's why I am using Hydrogen peroxide.

Step 2: Sprouting

After 4 to 7 days seeds are germinated.
As i said i am used hydrogen peroxided to wet the seeds so all the seeds sprouted.

Step 3: Transplanting

Now in the 3rd and the last step i am transplanted germinated seeds in to soil.
Soil ratio medium is
50% garden soil
20% perlite
30% compost
And that's all..
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