Introduction: Wooden Books Shelf DIY

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Hello guys...
I made a wooden shelf for my computer table to put my undergraduation books. And these wooden shelf are very comfortable to fit any where you can use as side table as well as. You may call as portable wooden shelf.
And one thing i am using only hand tools to make this shelf no power tool I am used.

Step 1: Selection and Measurement

In this step I am selecting wooden prices and measure in to my desire size .
You may increase or decrease the size of shelf depends on you.
Measurements. For front pilers
MDF board
Size 609.6 mm×177mm× 4 mm
Measurements of back side
Size 609.6mm×177mm×2mm
And 177mm×177mm×4mm

Step 2: Cutting of Wood

As i said I am not using power tool to cutting this wooden pieces so I am cutting with hand tools by my self.

Step 3: Smooth the Edges

So. In this step I am smoothing the edges of wooden prices by filer

Step 4: Glueing the Wood

In this step I am glue the all edges to fix it properly

Step 5: Fixing

In this step I am fixing the wood using iron nails

Step 6: Final Assemble

So finally the project is completed.
Now only last step remaining to colour the shelf.

Step 7: Colouring

In the last step I am coloured the shelf using brown colour
First mixing the colour using mixing oil

Step 8: Project Completed

That's it finally our desire project completed.
I hope you like my project.

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