Introduction: Left 4 Dead 2 Paper Mache Logo

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This was a quick easy way to make paper Mache. you can do anything you want i did this and also a Bioshock 2 logo as well. all you need is:
  • cardboard
  • utility knife or small carving knife
  • green painters tape
  • newspaper
  • water and flour to make the glue
  • assorted paints

this piece cost me probably $40 but that's because i had to buy paint

Step 1: Left 4 Dead 2 Paper Mache Logo

First step i printed the logo i was going to do off the internet. then i made the hand. i used rolled and balled newspaper and green painters tape to form it.

Step 2: Left 4 Dead 2 Paper Mache Logo

then i cut the big piece of cardboard for the back ground and cut out the letter which i had to scale form the piece of paper converting it from cm to inches 

Step 3: Left 4 Dead 2 Paper Mache Logo

than i did my paper Mache. i ripped the newspaper into strips and made my flour water mixture which i used for the glue the ratio is one part flour two parts water. then dip the strips of newspaper and start macheing. i did the background and the hand first then the lettering after it dried a bit.

Step 4: Left 4 Dead 2 Paper Mache Logo

then the painting. i painted the whole background red first and then added the yellow to lighten the green for the next step. i left the lettering red because around the 4 there will be red left over and under the hand to make it look more bloody.

Step 5: Left 4 Dead 2 Paper Mache Logo

then i did the green over everything you see and painted the lettering white.

Step 6: Left 4 Dead 2 Paper Mache Logo

final touches i added black around to add ageing and to darken in up a bit. added some yellow to hand to lighten it up a bit. little dabs of white for the lettering and some blacks dabs too.

Step 7: Left 4 Dead 2 Paper Mache Logo

and the final product looks awesome hang on your wall and you get lots of comments lol thanks \m/


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