Leg Warmer From Old Sweater!

Introduction: Leg Warmer From Old Sweater!

About: I am a homemaker from India and always love creating something new and interesting!!

So this morning I visited my father and it's getting real cold here. He is 90 years old and prefers to wear his shorts at home, being in India we don't really have room heaters everywhere. So he was using a shawl to cover his legs while sitting to keep them warm. That's when I thought of doing this fast DIY leg warmer from one of his old sweaters. He loved it!!!


1. old sweater

2. scissors

3. cotton rope or elastic

4. thread cutter

Step 1: Removing Sleeves

Make the sweater inside out, and using the thread cutter, remove the sleeves as in pictures.

Step 2: Adding Rope or Elastic

Take a cotton rope 4 times the length of sleeve top which will go to the thighs.

Putting the rope through the knitted area as in picture, you can replace it will elastic as well.

Step 3: Done!

Leg warmers are ready to use!! I hope you enjoyed these super fast leg warmers!

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