Introduction: Legendary Animal Guide Red Dead Redemption 2

With Red Dead Redemption 2 being out almost 3 weeks there are certainly a large majority that have plowed through the campaign and epilogue and are in dire need of something to help tide them over until the day that online finally comes. Today I will be showing you a guide on how to locate and hunt each of the 16 legendary animals found within the game. Hunting these animals does take a some time to track and kill but the rewards are surely worth it, each of the animals give you a unique trinket and some fancy new clothes.

Step 1: Quick Tips on Hunting Legendary Animals Within Read Dead Redemption 2

Stock up on dead eye restoring items and tonics; Once you reach dead eye level 4 animal vitals will be highlighted when using dead eye making your kills much quicker and more efficient. As far as items you should stock up on go for snake oils, which will fully restore and keep your dead eye capped for a period of time. Another item to keep an eye out for is chewing tobacco, which will restore your dead eye but damage the core. You will run into chewing tobacco on the regular when looting but snake oil will be harder to come by.

Use the most powerful weapon available to you (since you do not have to worry about damaging the hides) ; If you wait until after the completion of the mission " Pouring Fourth Oil" mission in chapter 2, you can purchase the rolling block rifle a sniper with more than enough kick to put down all the animals in this list. If you prefer to not wait until that weapon is unlocked, dead eye mixed with almost any weapon can get the job done.

Use special Ammo: Since the quality of the hides when hunting these legendary animals doesnt matter feel free to use the ammo that will pack the most punch and get the job done the qucikest

Step 2: How to Hunt Legendary Animals

The first step is finding the animals as the map is so expansive and covers many terrains some of these animals can take a good chunk of time to find. In chapter 2, after completing the mission " Exit Pursued By A Bruised Ego" Hosea will give you a map showing the rough location of all the legendary animals but it is very far from detailed, using the map locations we will provide hopefully it will be a little easier and you wont have to spend as much time hunting these animals. When exploring the map if you happen to stumble across the roaming grounds of a legendary you will be given an alert, Using your Dead Eye, attempt to locate a yellow particle cloud highlighting a clue. As well as you may be notice a small white question mark on your map and radar, inspect that and you will be lead down a chain of paths in which you must follow to find the legendary animal.

Step 3: Legendary Animal Locations

There are a total of 16 Legendary Animals within the game most of them are able to be hunted at any point throughout your play through, some although, cant be hunted until the max rank of master hunter is achieved, others are located in hidden parts of the map and others are tied to the story. We will give heads up as to which animals you can hunt right away and which ones have some barriers that you must cross before hunting.

Step 4: Legendary Moose

The Legendary moose is a large white moose that can be found in Roanoke Ridge, at the northeast point of the map. After finding the first clue, follow the trail and you will be lead directly to the moose. It isn't aggressive, so you won't have to worry about it killing you, and it is relatively easy to take down. A few shots to the head should be enough to kill it.

Step 5: Legendary White Bison

The bison can be found up in the snowy mountains, along the northern shore of Lake Isabella in the far west of Ambarino. It isn't aggressive, but it has quite a lot of health, so I recommend using a shotgun or a sniper rifle to take him down.

Step 6: Legendary Bighorn Ram

The ram can be found west of Valentine, in the hills next to Cattail Pond. It isn't very tough, but it will flee if you get to close and it is quite fast, so it might be hard to catch. I recommend using Dead Eye to land a few shots to the head with either a shotgun or a roll block rifle if you have access to it which should kill it swiftly.

Step 7: Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear

The Legendary Bear can be found in Grizzlies East, to the north of O'Creagh's Run. The hunt is only available after completing the mission, 'Exit Pursued By a Bruised Ego' in Chapter Two. He is found next to a mountain. If you stand on the mountain and shoot down on him, after you locate him, he wont be able to reach you. It will take about four shots with a sniper to finish him off.

Step 8: Legendary Beaver

You will find the Legendary Beaver at a large dam and lodge just South of the Elysian Pool and West of the Van Horn Trading Post, the area will also be littered with normal beavers as well so be sure to find the right one. This is probably one of the easier animals to kill as it is not aggressive and one well placed shot to the head will put it down.

Step 9: Legendary Wolf

This Wolf will be one of the tougher animals you face as it can take a lot of punishment before going down, not only that but he is aggressive and can put you down in mere seconds if you are not alert. You will find the wolf around the geyser in near Cotorra Springs, just slightly southwest of the Wapiti Indian Reserve ( Home to Eagle Flies and Rain Falls, characters you will interact with throughout the game) as well as slightly northwest of Fort Wallace.

Step 10: Legendary Buck

You will find this Buck Located northwest of the town of Strawberry, north of Owanjila Lake. The buck is not aggressive but will flee when shot so its best to use dead eye to put this guy down so you do not have to chase it.

Step 11: Legendary Elk

This guy can be found near the Legendary Wolf mentioned prior, he is found just east of Fort Wallace; Easy to take down with dead eye.

Step 12: Legendary Coyote

This coyote is found in Scarlett Meadows which is northwest of Rhodes. After you follow the clues you will find the animal next to a body of water. It isn't very tough but it is fast, so I would use dead eye to kill it before it even notices you.

Step 13: Legendary Bullgator

This giant, white alligator can be found in the bayou just west of Lakay. It will only appear after you complete "Country Pursuits" in Chapter Four. This is one of the hardest fights in the game since he is quite fast and will kill you in one shot, so I would focus on hitting it with a dynamite and landing a few sniper shots.

Step 14: Legendary Fox

This creature is found just North of Rhodes, by Mattock Pond. While this is a very wooded area the fox is bright white and it is larger than every other fox so it won't be hard to spot. All it takes is one shot with a bow to finish him off.

Step 15: Legendary Tatanka Bison

This animal can be found in Hennigan's Steed. It is a large black bison and the fight is pretty much the same as the white bison.

Step 16: Legendary Pronghorn

This giant, white goat can be found on Rio Del Lobo Rock, next to Fort Mercer. This animal is very fast so I reccomend using Dead Eye to land a couple sniper shots to kill it before it even knows you are there.

Step 17: Legendary Cougar

This beast can be found in Gaptooth Ridge, west of Tumbleweed. This is one of the tougher animals since it does a lot of damage and is very fast. I recommend using a sniper and a lot of Dead Eye, as if this animal gets you in its grasp then its almost certain demise.

Step 18: Legendary Giaguaro Panther

This animal is found just west of Shady Belle, but it only appears after completing rank nine of the master hunter challenge. The area doesn't have much cover so i would use a shotgun to kill him before it pounces on you. Since the Panther has many challenges you must complete before killing him, it can take many hours to be able to hunt him. We have not reached the max rank of master hunter yet and have yet to hunt him down.