Introduction: Lego ARC Trooper

well, I made another lego mod! today I'm going to show you how to make a lego ARC trooper, one that actually looks a lot like the official minifigure lego released about five years ago (and is no longer producing). however, there is another easy way, which can be found below.

... well, for some reason it seems to have embedded the video. I don't know why.

I would have done this, but it required about a half ounce of air dry clay, and I have none, I didn't want to buy an entire container for that tiny bit. besides, I think my way is just as cool.

So, all you'll need for this is a phase two lego clone trooper that you don't want to keep as a normal trooper (it doesn't really matter if it's a plain one or not)

a phase 1 clone helmet (it really doesn't matter if this one is plain or not)

a thumbtack

super glue

possibly some sharpies, if you want to customize him

and some paper and scissors

So, let's get started!

Step 1: Getting a Helmet Fin

this is probably the most ingenious hack I have come up with in the last three years, but you're going to take your thumbtack and scratch at the bottom of the fin on the phase 1 clone helmet with it. this takes a while, but believe it or not, it actually works! after this, you will want to super glue it onto the top of the fin on the phase two clone trooper's helmet. you will notice that mine cracked, but you will also notice that it didn't really matter. you may have to try to file the excess glue off, although if this makes the fin fall off don't worry. just do it again and try to put glue between the fins instead of on the side. I also found that I had to file the top a little to flatten it, because it started to curve down instead of just up. just fiddle with it until it works!

P.S. you may wonder what to use the leftover helmet for. this helmet works great for making a clone commando, which I have an instructable for. it can be found here.

Step 2: Sharpieing the Clone

next, you are going to want to take a pencil eraser and rub at the middle of the bottom edge of the clone's chestplate. surprising though it may be, this will actually get rid of the part you are rubbing at, if you rub long enough. after this, there are some standards for ARC troopers, such as, they have some extra grey armor (shown in the second pic). they also have grey on the front of their helmet, and they generally have kamas and pauldrons, but that's the next step. after this, though, you pretty much have free reign. you could leave it blank, and just have a standard ARC who didn't customize his armor. remember that color (I think this still applied for the ARCs throughout the Clone Wars) is related to rank; Green for a sergeant, red for a captain, blue for a lieutenant, and yellow for a commander. this didn't apply to infantry; thus, Rex has blue markings, despite being a captain. but I think it stayed for the ARCs.

Step 3: Backpack and Paper Stuff

the backpack is pretty simple, just build what's in the first pic above. the pauldrons and kama, however are not quite as easy.

I made mine out of paper, but I have seen people who painted a piece of cloth and glued it onto their trooper's legs to make the kama. I wanted mine to be removable, though, and I couldn't get the holes right. so we'll see if that happens. the pauldrons are not shown in the first picture, because I didn't make mine like the double one in the second picture, and I didn't like the way it turned out. I'm going to re-make it. however, just cut them like the second picture. I painted my kama as well, this is up to you. if you're making a plain ARC, I think they had a sort of khaki/tan color. look it up at Clone Army Customs, they have a plain ARC there (yes, you can buy ARC troopers, but they're totally expensive and this is an easy way to achieve the same thing). after that, you're done! ARC's also used a wide variety of weapons, you don't have to stick with the dual DC-17 blaster pistols like I did. have fun!