Introduction: Star Wars DC-15S Blaster Rifle Prop

Hello again! today, I'm going to walk you through making prop of a DC-15S blaster rifle from star wars. this blaster may look familiar, as it's one of the two standard blasters for the Clone Army, and was widely seen throughout episode three, and the Clone Wars TV show. here's a wookieepedia article ->


... for reasons beyond me, the page is titled DC-15A blaster rifle. it is otherwise named in various sources including it's Legends page (the link takes you to the Canon page).

so, let's get started!

Step 1: The Stock

so, to start with, you will need one of each of the above pieces. note that if you are not making this out of cardboard, you may have to adjust the thickness of your pieces to make it look right. note also that the piece in the first picture is one that I cut out of really thick cardboard, probably at least twice as thick as the stuff delivery boxes are made of. if you don't have this cardboard, I suggest making two of this piece.

now, these pieces go together as follows:

the first piece goes in the middle

the second two (which are identical) go on either side of it

and the fourth and fifth (also identical) go outside them, towards the back. I don't really know how to explain this, and I forgot to take a picture, so use this ->

I also forgot to take pictures of these but there are also two rectangles on either side of the handle, and on each side over part of the barrel (see the picture) but add these after the barrel.

and then the clip I made with two rectangles of the really thick cardboard, stacked on top of eachother with tape around the edges to hide the serratedness of the cardbard. this should be the same dimensions on the smallest side as the rectangles over part of the barrel. note that the clip only goes on one side, don't make a second one for the other side!

Step 2: The Barrel

this is pretty simple take a PVC tube (I think I used a 1") and use cardboard to add details like shown above. now add those rectangles and the clip that I was talking about!

Step 3: The Little Thingy on the End

now make the thing above. I think I had dimensions about 1"/1 1/2"/5 or 6" once it was all folded up and everything, but I didn't really like the way it turned out (it was like my third try though, so I decided to let it fly), so you're welcome to try and make better dimensions. if you want tell me if you do, and what they are ;). if you're going to, I think one thing that might help is if you make that part of the stock a bit less thick from the barrel to the bottom, I think that measurement ended being a little long.

Step 4: Paint!

now just paint the entire thing black. add battle damage if you want, I didn't. I'm not too good at it. but I think it looks good anyway. hope it turns out well!