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Introduction: Lego Arcade Cabinet

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I have loved older video games for forever now, and for the longest time had no way to build a cabinet of my own (full size). These Dollar Tree designs are as simple as can be, and can use just about any color combination you want.

I also cover this on my Facebook page Epically Simple Brick Builds.


3 2x4 plates the color of the cabinet

4 1x4 plates the color of the cabinet

2 1x2 bricks the color of the cabinet

3 1x2 plates the color of the cabinet

2 1x1 bricks the color of the cabinet

2 1x4 bricks the color of the cabinet

1 2x4 brick the color of the cabinet

2 2x3 bricks the color of the cabinet

2 1x1 plates the color of the buttons

1 2x2 plate the color of the screen

Step 1: The Base

Start with the two 2x3s together as shown, and add the 2x4 brick to the back end.

Step 2: The Console

Stack 2 2x4 plates on top of each other, with a 1x4 at the rear. Attach big-side first to the cabinet as shown.

Step 3: Building Up the Shell

Place a 1x4 brick at the rear of the cabinet, followed by two 1x2 bricks on either side in front of it. Do the same on the layer above, using 1x1s instead of 1x2s.

Step 4: The Top

place a 1x2 plate on the underside of a 2x4 plate, then attach so that the 1x2 fits snugly in the gap between the 1x1s.

Step 5: The Marquee

Start by placing a 1x4 plate at the back, followed by 2 1x2 plates on either side as shown. Layer the remaining 1x4 plates on top of the 1x2s.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Add the buttons and screen. At the end of the screen insertion, you should hear the satisfying click of the screen popping into place.

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    1 year ago

    May try to do a "main brand" version that looks slightly better.


    2 years ago on Step 6

    Feel free to modify the design as well. That's another thing with legos; a majority of designs are easily modified or simplified.