Introduction: Lego Brick Costume

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I haven't dressed up in years for halloween but when my young nephews asked me to go trick-or-treating with them I had to deliver! I decided to go as one of my favorite things, a Lego brick!

Step 1: Start Out With a Good Sized Cardboard Box.

Cut the top and bottom off the box and cut two arm holes in the sides. Use a utility knife to accomplish this. Tape the box closed at the seam.

Step 2: Cut a Piece of Cardboard to Match the Size of the Cardboard Top.

Cut a circle in it to fit your head.

Step 3: Hot-glue Something Round to the Cardboard Hat and Use Clear Elastic to Attach the Hat to Your Head.

I used an old disney game box to make the stud at the top. Anything this shape would work.

Step 4: Cut the Letters 'LEGO' Out of Cardboard and Hot-glue to Stud.

Step 5: Spray Paint Everything Your Lego Brick Color of Choice!

My costume was big hit! My nephews wanted to try it on (a little too big for them). Even my brother wanted to try it on.

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