Introduction: Lego Car: Everything Is Awesome

This project is about making a lego car by recycling old toys. Broken parts and piece of electric cars might be lying around your house. Perhaps if you are like me, your siblings may have old toys that they don’t play with anymore. Rather than throwing it away, why not create a new, handmade toy car?

Step 1: Materials

1x of 4x6 lego,

1x of 2x4 lego,

2x of 2x2 legos
2x 3V DC motors 2x 1.5V AAA batteries.

1x 2-slot battery holder.

1x meter of copper wire

1x Switch: Easily found in mostly every electronic toy 4x wheels. Could be handmade with cardboard.

2x Eye lags fastener.

1x Hot glue gun Candle, barbecue stick, and pincers

Optional: Super glue

Extra legos for decoration

Step 2: Body and Front Wheels

1. Put 2x of 2x2 legos in the middle and beneath the 6x8 lego. These two legos will help keep the motors stable in place.

2. Connect the wheels to the motors using hot glue gun.

3 Locate motors next to 2x2 legos and hot glue or super glue it into place.

Step 3: Back Wheels

1 Use pincers to hold the eye lags and heat the end by the fire. When it gets hot enough, it will be able to melt the lego. At that point, insert the two eye lags to the back corners of the lego and secure it to place for the back wheels.

2 Insert a barbecue stick through the eye lags. Then, hot glue the two other wheels to the stick.

WARNING: Operate fire with caution.

Step 4: Locate Battery

Hot glue the battery holder to the 4x6 lego. Then, put that lego above the main lego board.

Step 5: Connect the Circuit

Step 6: Test It Out!

The project is easy. If you have interest in technology, give it a shot. Overall, you do not need any special skills to make this project work. Putting things together might be the tough part, but everyone could easily operate the motors by connecting the wire together.

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