Introduction: Lego Catapult

Today I will show you how to make a Lego catapult that will be powered by two Lego pull back motors.

Step 1: Parts That You Will Need

1 Thick 2x8 Red

2 Thin 2x8 Red

7 Thick 2x4 Red

4 Thick 2x3 Red

6 Thick 2x2 Red

2 Thick 1x4 Red

2 Thick 1x3 Red

2 Thick 1x2 Red

2 Thin 2x8 Red

1 Thin 2x6 Red

The 2 Red Technic parts in the picture

2 Thick 1x4 Blue

2 Standard 2x3 slope pieces Blue

2 Reverse 2x3 slope pieces Blue

2 Standard 2x2 slope pieces Blue

1 Thin 2x4 Blue

2 Thin 4x6 Blue

2 Thick 1x10 Technic Black

2 Thin 3x4 Black (Note: must be 3x4 but does not have to have centered configuration like shown in the picture)

The two black angled Technic parts in the picture (Note: these ones are half the width of normal Technic pieces)

2 Technic axle pieces that are as long as a 2x8 piece

1 Technic axle piece that is as long as a 2x6 piece

6 Wide spacers

2 Thin spacers

1 Axle Connector (highlighted in picture)

2 O Ended connectors (highlighted)

2 O / + ended connectors (highlighted)

2 Large Lego pull back motors

Step 2: Begining the Building

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

These two pull back motors were slightly different. in the picture you can see how the conections are reversed but if you have two identical motors that works too.

Step 7:

Another note on the slight difference in motors:

The one on the right was slightly taller than the one on the left so the blue piece needed to be added.

If your pull back motors are identical then the blue piece is not needed.

Step 8:

Step 9:

Step 10:

Step 11:

these pictures show both sides

Step 12:

Step 13:

Step 14:

add the top to the bottom

Step 15:

add any extra decorations that you want

Step 16: How to Use It

Step 1: wind up the catapult.

Step 2: add blue piece highlighted in picture to prevent unwinding.

Step 3: choose ammunition. ( small lightweight objects tend to work well but you can experiment to see what you have that will work best)

Step 4: place ammunition in catapult and launch.

Step 5: every once in a while you will need to remove the blue piece and let the catapult unwind then rewind.

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