Introduction: Lego Chess

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1. Approximately 0.57 people die every hour from choking. Typically these people are very young children or very elderly people choking on food. Nonetheless, DO NOT put legos near, around, or in your mouth. Continue this Instructable at your own risk.

2. Many prominent world class chess players have been driven to insansity. Chess can be a very dangerous game. Please be careful.


  • brick 2x2
    • tan - 56
    • dark pink - 56
  • plate, round 1x1 straight side
    • red - 56
    • black - 8
  • cone 1x1 without top groove
    • black - 16
  • brick 1x2
    • medium azure - 4
    • dark purple - 4
  • brick, modified 2x2x2/3 two studs, curved slope end
    • dark tan - 4
  • minifig, utensil seat 2x2
    • brown - 4
  • brick, modified 1x2x1 1/3 with curved top
    • red - 8

Step 1: PAWNS

To make one pawn, take 3 2x2 pieces of the same color and stack them.

Repeat this step 7 more times for one color.

Then make 8 more pawns in the opposite color.

Step 2: KINGS

Stack five 2x2 pieces, then place 2 mini-fig utensil seats on the top of the 2x2 stack.

Place 1 2x2 brick on top of the arch pieces.

Now place a stack of two 1x1 knobs on opposite corners and two more stacks of 1x1 knobs of a different color on opposite corners.

Repeat with opposite colored bricks for other side.

Step 3: QUEENS

Stack 5 2x2 bricks.

Then place 4 1x1 curved plates on top of the stack, each hanging over the side.

Then place one 2x2 on top of the 1x1 curved plates.

Then create two stacks of 2 1x1 round plates and place on oposite corners of the top 2x2 piece.

Make one for each side in different colors.

Step 4: Bishops

Stack 4 2x2 bricks. Then create two stacks of 5 1x1 round plates.

Place each stack on opposite corners on the top of the 2x2 bricks.

Repeat 2 times in one color, 2 times in opposite color.

Step 5: Knights

Create a base by stacking 2 2x2 bricks, then stack 2 1x2 bricks on top of the base.

Place a 2x2 sloped piece over the edge.

Repeat 2x for each color.

Step 6: Rooks

Stack 4 2x2 on top of each other. Then place 4 1x1 nose cone on each connector.

Make 2 rooks for each side.