Lego Chopstick Rests




Introduction: Lego Chopstick Rests

I feel confident, you do not need me to give building instructions ;)

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    Jakob R
    Jakob R

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Actually you don't even need the blocks on the side. The chopsticks are not falling of the bottom block - because of the knobs on top of the block. If you want the most minimalistic design, you can even do with a 3x1 block ... but I prefer the classic beauty of the 4x2 :)

    Jakob R
    Jakob R

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    ... so now it's not even an extremely simple design idea any more ... Now it's just the idea of using Lego blocks as chopstick rests ...
    so I put 12 4x2 blocks of my ancient Lego in the dishwasher and I'm looking forward to hosting my family for sushi next week :)