Introduction: Lego Clone Wars Republic Drop Ship With Tank (mini)

These days, lego Clone Wars sets are WAY overpriced. Tried building one of the sets with spare parts? It will drive you insane. So, I devised a plan to make one of my favorite sets, mini style.

Step 1: Make the Drop Ship Body

Grab a 4x1 piece, the 2x1 with the two studs on the sides, and put them together as in the picture. Take the 3x1 slope and put it on the 4x1 too.

Step 2: Dropship Wings

Get the 1x1 clip piece, the stud with the hole in it, the 2x1 with the bar up top, the blue thingy and a wing. Put it together in accordance with the pictures. repeat, only do the opposite for the second one.

Step 3: Assemble the Main Part

Put the wings onto the body as in the photo. Blue thing side forward, slope side of the wings towards the back end.

Step 4: Make and Attach the Cockpit

Take the slope with the studs on top, the clear corner, and the black attachment that looks like a pair of guns. you can use anything that looks gun-like here, or you can just not put it on at all. The stand is just a flick missile with a circle at the bottom.

Step 5: Now for the Tank!

Every drop ship needs cargo! Or else it wouldn't be a "drop" ship.

Step 6: Make the Tank

After you do what is in the pictures, take the two levers and place them on both sides of the tower thingy.

Step 7: All Done!

Great job on finishing this project! Feel free to change the instructions if you get a better idea!