Introduction: Lego Dodge Challenger MOC

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This a Dodge Challenger MOC that I made. It has opening doors and a removable roof. I could make a version with a boot/trunk and an engine in the front, however I was only using this one as a prototype.

Each step has the parts used in pink and the Parts list is at the end.

If you would like to see another type of car or you have any questions about this one, feel free to ask in the comments or as a question.

Any support really helps.

Link for PDF version of instructions is below.

Step 1: Step 1

Start work on body

Step 2: Step 2

Build the Front Bumper

Step 3: Step 3

Place and finish the Front

Step 4: Step 4

Front axles

Step 5: Step 5

Continue building the base

Step 6: Step 6

Rear bumper (base)

Step 7: Step 7

Continue building body

Step 8: Step 8

Build body and start on inside

Step 9: Step 9

Build and attach Doors and some body parts

Step 10: Step 10

Continue building body

Step 11: Step 11

Construct rear Lights

Step 12: Construct Rear Panels and Build Body

Step 13: Step 13

Front paneling and back body

Step 14: Step 14

Finish interior and construct back

Step 15: Step 15

Final touches to the paneling

Step 16: Step 16


Step 17: Parts List

List of parts used in the build