Introduction: Lego Fishing Boat

I have always wanted to go deep sea fishing and I thought why don't I make my own deep sea fishing boat right her, but with legos!

You will need: 
lego boat frame
Assorted lego bricks

Step 1: Making the Cabin

First you need to put a block down to put the windshield on. Put two 2x4 in the front hole of the boat then put the 2 2x4 windshields on it, which will make the front. Next you need to make the house around the windshield that is 8 dots long and 2 levels high. Then in front of the wall put a white cone on both sides to make it look sloped. Then put a thin layer of planks over the cabin to give it a top and you done with the structure of the cabin. 

Step 2: Building the Top Cabin

Now that you have the floor for the top cabin done we need to furnish it. Along both sides have the white bricks extend 6 dots back from the front and cover the front needs to be 2 blocks wide. Next you need to put down some swivilly things 1 away from the side of the cabin up top on each side. Then put two white chairs on the swivilly things. Then put two levers in between the chairs and in the front of the cabin. Next put  two  gage  plates in front of the two white chairs then put two more plates inbetween them. At the very back put a mast and over it put a rail guard over it and you have the top cabin done. 

Step 3: Furnishing the Deck

Next you need to put a motor in the boat. Put a motor in 3 dots from the front and 2 dots from the side. Then you need to add the other part of the motor. In front of the motor put a v shaped peice and put a motor block in it and place it in front of the motor. Then add 2 poles at the end of the cabin and on the right side of the top cabin put a circle clip and hook it onto a ladder to make the top acessable. Finally put a big gaurd rail on the back of the hole and put a fishing rod in one of the holes and your done. You can now sail the seas in search of a gigantic fish!
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