Introduction: Lego Frame (Name, Photo, Love Note)

Write your name or use scrapbook letters.

Place at your desk at work or in school instead of the boring name plate.

Place your favourite lego pieces on top and/or customise to fit your fancy

My First Instructable :)



Step 1: Get the Card and Measure the Base for Size.

Use 2 rows and wedge paper in between.

Leave enough space to fir a 2 x 2 or 2 x 3 at the side, up to you.Make

Step 2: Build the Second Level and Place Card/name Plate in Position

Using a thinner paper will fit better as lego fits snuggly.

Step 3: Start Building Your Sides, Vary Pattern and Color As You Please

Step 4: Used a Thin Lego Piece So That the Lego Fits Nicely, and Also to Use Other Pieces I Have

Step 5: Extra Flat Piece on Top for Strength. Customise As You Please

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