Introduction: Lego Ghost Perfect for Halloween Indoor Decoration!

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this is something to really put up the Halloween spirit. Using small lego bricks and creating a art work of decorations. You can place this anywhere in the house, outside, or even on your deck. Just make sure to keep it away from those trick or treaters!


lego bricks

Clean towel(optional)



Step 1: The Ghost!

the ghost is very easy. All you will need is some white lego pieces and just a bit of black lego pieces. Start with a 1x6 brick and just place it down. Then take a 1x4 and a 1x2 brick and place them on top of the white 1x6 piece. Repeat that 1 more time by take a 1x6 brick and placing it over and then use the 1x4 and 1x2 brick and place it on top of the original. Look at the photos and see how your doing!

Step 2: The Ghost Continued...

now you have a 4x6 brick and it is all white. Take a black 1x2 brick and put it into the middle top. Then surround the black brick by putting in a 1x2 on either side, completely surrounding the black brick on its short sides. Now take a 1x1 brick and put it on the sides of the black brick. Then surround those with white on either side. Then take a 1x6 brick and and out it at the top! And then put 2 1x3 slopes and and 1x2 plate Underneath stacking it onto the head! There you go! The ghost!

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