Lego Gun

Introduction: Lego Gun

Dose not shoot

Step 1: Parts for the Top

Parts you will need for the top of the gun

Step 2: The Top

If this is at the top of the pictures sorry but that's the top done

Step 3: The Clip and Parts Needed

The clip is simple make sure you have done it the way I have because you don't want it to stick to the top

Step 4: The Handle

Use 1x4 and 1x2 Use this pattern and do It 9/10 times for a child Or 11/12 for a adult adjust the clip accordingly unto you get some thing like this also interchange the way you do it and leave a space for the lip of the clip

Step 5: Put Them Together

Do what it says on the tin I suggest that you glue the clip together as you may struggle to got it out also main parts shown in pictures because it fragile and if you want glue every pice

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