Introduction: Lego Halo Guns: a How-to

Today, you will learn how to make some Lego Halo 3 weapons. this includes in order: Fuel rod gun(white), battle rifle, sniper rifle, Rocket launcher, assault rifle, rifle with a chain saw(not halo, but is cool), and have all been tested by, a white E.V.A. spartan

Step 1: Fuel Rod Gun

The instructions are in the pictures.

Step 2: Battle Rifle

like always it's in the pics


All of you wanted it, so HERE!( no-one asked)

Step 4: SPNKr

or Rocket launcher.

Step 5: Break

comeback in, 4 minutes as a break

Step 6: Assault Rifle

Assualt rifle.

Step 7: Rifle W/ Saw

Coming soon.