Introduction: Lego Heart

Hope you like this!!

This is really easy to make
You can use any colours you would like.

Things you will need: you are going to need a base so I used a 4x6 plate You will need 2x3 plate. On to the bricks you will need 3 1x2. 3 1x4. 1 1x8. 1 1x6 and that's all you will need..

Step 1: How You Make It

You can really see by the picture how it's made but I'm going to show you anyways!
The first thing you need to do is put the 2x3 on the biggest plate on the 2x3 place 1x2 brick on top of that put a 1x4 brick and then a 1x6 then 2 1x8 (I did 1 1x8 and 2 1x4) and then each side put a 1x2 and that's how you make it hope you enjoyed hope it wasn't that hard sorry if I didn't explain it that well but hope you enjoyed see you next time BYEEE!!