Introduction: Lego Incense Burner

An incense burner made of legos! Easy to assemble and easy to use!

You might not have all of these, but this is just a general idea of what one can do.

These are all Legos from various old kits, used to make a hand holder for incense. I chose red to have it all as one color, also because I had enough of the red kind. :)

Step 1: The Base Part 1

I used the flat ones to make the base.

The bottom of the burner is 20 x 8 Legos. (one lego = 1 "peg")

Step 2: The Base Part 2

To add stability, I added more flat Legos to the bottom.

Step 3: The Sides Part 1

For the 8 peg sides I used 2 peg wide bricks.

For the 20 peg sides I used these sloped bricks (kind of like roof-tops). This way, most of the ash would slide to the bottom of the burner

Step 4: The Sides Part 2

Another layer of 2 peg wide bricks on the 8 peg sides.

And then 1 peg wide bricks along the 20 peg sides.

Step 5: The Sides Part 3

The third layer of Legos for the sides was the final one. The only difference from the previous layer was that one side had a 2 peg by 1 peg space. This would be filled by the incense holder itself.

Step 6: The Holder

I used these parts to make the actual holder part. One is a cone, another is a one way joint, and the other I think held a wheel.

Step 7: The Holder (continued)

The joint part of this allows for the adjustment of the incense. Long or short, the ash will now fall into the structure itself, based on the angle. I included this because I have long and short incense and wanted to be able to use it with all of them.

Personally, I call this part the cannon, because I think that's what it looks like. :)

Step 8: The Final Step

The 2 by 1 peg space is now filled with the "cannon". Again, this part can be adjusted up and down depending on the length of the incense.

Step 9: Assembled

Once again, the finished product. I've used this for a week now, and it works great! All the ash hits the bottom of the piece as I had intended. The slanted sides do help with this quite a bit.

Cleaning out the "cannon" is easy. That part pops off easily and the remaining stick of incense can be tapped out. So far, I haven't seen any burnt pieces of Legos, which makes me very happy!