Introduction: Lego Laser Shotgun

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Hello again, everyone! Lately, I've been playing lots of Fallout, and noticing there only a few base types of laser weapons. This got me thinking, what would some other types of these weapons look like? So, I made a laser shotgun.

Step 1: Details

Right away, you can tell that the gun has a shotgun stock, and a laser receiver, and I think this looks really cool. Also, the panel on the receiver looks high-tech, which looks nice.

Step 2: Ammo

Like all laser guns in fallout, the ammo is fusion cells, and this is no different. It took some thinking to get the connecting rod to keep the pieces together, but to not have anything poking out.

Step 3: Sights

Pretty simple sights.

Step 4: Reloading

First, you'd pull down the lever on the side, along with the cell. Place a new cell in, and pull the lever up.