Introduction: Lego Maze

I was browsing instructables and I saw that there was a puzzle contest. And I had an idea to make a lego maze to enter into the contest so I did. I hope you enjoy making this lego maze!

Step 1: ​First Build a 18x18 Flat Plate.

Step 2: And Then on the Sides Build It Up Two Bricks

Step 3: Then, 8 Studs in From the Corners Place a 1x2 Brick With a Hole in the Middle.

Step 4: Build Up 3 Bricks Then to Finish the Outside.

Step 5: Gather All the Pieces Shown in the Picture.

Step 6: Place the Axle in the Hole on the End.

Step 7: Put Another One of the Bent Pieces on the Axle.

Step 8: Place a Small Spacer Piece on All Four of Them.

Step 9: Insert Them in All Four Holes on the Base.

Step 10: Then Put a Big Gear on the Axle.

Step 11: Gather 5 2x1 Bricks One 1x6 and One 1x4 Bricks.

Step 12: Attach 4 1x2 Bricks Together.

Step 13: And Then Attach the 1x6, 1x4 and 1x2 Bricks Together As Shown in the Picture.

Step 14: Then Attach the Two Pieces Built in Step 12 and 13 Together.

Step 15: Now Build a 14x14 Flat Plate.

Step 16: Then Build That Up 3 Bricks.

Step 17: Build a Maze on the New Flat Plate However You Want.

Step 18: Take a One of the Pieces That Has a Stud in the Middle and Attach It in the Corner of the Maze.

Step 19: Put the Maze on the Base and a Ball and Your Done!

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