Introduction: Lego Mini Dinosaurs

These are two mini Lego dinosaurs which both have moveable heads and one has a moveable tail.

Step 1: Parts

Dino #1
Dark red 1x2 plate x5
Dark red 1x1 plate x9
Dark red 1x2 slope brick x4
Dark red 1x2 plate with pointy ends x2
Red 1x1 plate with side clip
Red 1x1 plate with knobbly thing on the side
Red 1x2 plate with side bar
Red 2x2 plate
Red 1x2 plate x2
Red 1x2 slopy pointy brick
Black 1x1 plate with side clip
White claws x2
Translucent yellow-green 1x1 round plate
Beige 1x1 cone
Beige 1x1 round plate x4
Beige 1x1 tooth x4
Beige 2x4 plate
Beige 1x2 plate with side bar

Dino #2
Dark grey 1x2 click hinge with 1 nobble x2
Red 1x2 click hinge with 2 nobbles x2
Red 1x2 plate x4
Red 1x4 plate
Red 1x1 plate with nobble on the side
Red 2x4 plate x2
Red 1x3 slope brick x4
Beige 1x2 plate with 4 overhanging studs x2
Dark red 1x2 plate x4
Dark red 1x4 plate x2
Translucent yellow-green 1x1 plate

Step 2: The Legosaurus (stegosaurus)

Step 3: The Bricklodocous (diplodocous)

Pictures 2-7 need to be made twice!