Introduction: Lego Play Table Made With IKEA TROFAST

I built this LEGO play table to organize the thousands of LEGO bricks my kids have and give them a place to build their LEGO sets. It has 26 storage bins in 3 different sizes with custom color coded labels and a build area on top with a lip edge to keep those tiny studs from disappearing onto the floor.

It is made from 2 IKEA TROFAST storage units, a sheet of finish grade plywood and a few other various bits from the hardware store. There are 4 different size bins available from IKEA so you could easily customize the storage to accommodate the sizes and quantities of your Lego collection.

Here is what you need to create your own:

Step 1: Assemble IKEA TROFAST Storage Units

  1. Assemble the two TROFAST storage units following the IKEA instructions.

Step 2: Connect Storage Units

  1. Place the storage units back to back, make sure they are aligned.
  2. Use the 4 tie plates and woods screws to connect the two storage units together from the inside. Drill pilot holes to avoid splitting the wood and screw two plates to the inside top and two to the inside bottom. These will not be visible once the bins are in place.

Step 3: Build Play Top

  1. Cut the finish grade plywood so it is 1/8" larger then the top of the two connected storage units. This will allow the play top to slide over the top of the storage units without much lateral movement.
  2. Using wood glue and clamps attach the quarter round moulding the the back of the mullion moulding making sure the top of both pieces are flush. The will create an L shaped moulding. Let the glue set.
  3. Using a mitre saw cut 45 degree angles in the moulding you just created to form a frame around the outside of the plywood. The quarter round will be toward the inside and the mullion will face out, forming a box that will slip over the two storage units and prevent it from sliding around.
  4. Glue and finish nail the frame around the plywood.

Step 4: Finish It Up

  1. Once the play top is assembled and the wood glue has dried, fill all nail holes with wood putty.
  2. Next, sand using increasingly fine paper (at least 220 grit) until smooth.
  3. Clean and prepare to finish as desired, either stain and polyurethane or paint to match.

Step 5: Print Labels

While your finish is drying you can create the labels for the storage bins

  1. With your favorite word processor use the Avery Label template 6874 to create 3" x 3-3/4" labels for your storage bins. I have included the image files for many of the common types of Legos and they are available to use in the file below. If you need a label for another type I have also included the Photoshop PSD file as well as the Lego Thick font so you can modify as needed .
  2. Print the Avery 6874 labels and affix to the bins.

Here are link to the 4 sizes of TROFAST storage bins

Step 6: Done

Now just put it all together and fill with Lego. Enjoy!