Lego Portal - Rocket Turret V2

Introduction: Lego Portal - Rocket Turret V2

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The rocket turret is back, and it’s better and more accurate than ever!
Here are the notable changes from my first attempt of the turret:
1. New method of articulation
2. Joins from the back, not the bottom
3. Core changes
4. The method of rotation has more friction, allowing for continuous poses.
Also, the rocket launcher can be removed, and is compatible with flick-fire missiles!


See picture.

Step 1: Base and ‘arm’

This part of the model has been very subtlety changed, making it slightly more game-accurate.
The colours of the studs in the second step don’t matter, as long as they fit with the context that you are going to use your model.

Step 2: ‘Head’

Yet again, subtle changes make a big difference.

Step 3: Final Assembly

The original rocket turret can be found in my other instructable called Lego portal GLaDOS frame.

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11 months ago

A bit big, but not bad at all. Well done!