Introduction: Lego Portal - Frankenturret

About: Hello, I am a human that creates (mostly) Lego minifigure scale Lego models of things that when I search for them, there are no accurate results. So far, I am mainly focusing my account .That’s it so far. Also…

A strange thing to find cute. (No offence to any frankenturret fans out there). The design that inspired my terrible design came from DosBrosComix (who has a better design), a youtuber who has a pretty cool Lego Ideas project, and came up with a design for the frankenturret. (Link is here :
But anyway, like a lot of my Lego instructables, I can’t be bothered to go onto bricklink and order parts, so I just improvise, so here is my improvised version of Wheatley’s oddly cute abomination!

(Quick note: it kinda looks like a sheep to me for some reason)


See picture.

Step 1: Weighted Storage Cube Third

The part that makes sense.

Step 2: Regular Turret Third

The half of the part that doesn’t make sense.

Step 3: Defective Turret Third

The other half of the part that doesn’t make sense.

Step 4: Final Assembly and Legs

Actually Wheatley, all of these parts make sense - you need the turrets so that the boxes can walk like test subjects, and cubes so that they can push buttons like test subjects! (Ok Wheatley, can you not kill me now?)