Introduction: Lego Portal Sentry Turret

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I recently got into portal (I know, I'm a bit late to the game here) and I also love legos, so why not give it a try?

Please note this is my first instructable ever, so do not judge too harshly.

Also, check out my facebook page, Epically Simple Brick Builds, where I cover my GLaDOS Boss Battle room MOC in its entirety.


4 1x4 white plates

3 1x2 white plates

1 1x2 white jumper plate

1 1x3 black plate

3 1x1 grey/black tiles/plates

1 1x2 black jumper plate

1 1x1 black stud

1 1x1 red stud

1 2x2 black inverse curve plate

Step 1: The Obvious

Start with the 4 main 1x4s.

Step 2: Adding Shape

Add the 3 1x2s to 3 of the 1x4s.

Step 3: The Smaller Detail

Add the white jumper plate over the middel of the 4th 1x4. It being in the middle is important.

Step 4: The Eye

Add the red stud to the middle of the white jumper.

Step 5: Cheating the System

stick the 1x1 plates in between the studs of the eye plate.

Step 6: Building It Up

Do the same with the back plate.

Step 7: Body Done

Follow suit with the other panels.

Step 8: Budding Limbs

Add the black jumper plate to the bottom-front of the body.

Step 9: Front Legs

add the inverse curve on to the jumper as shown.

Step 10: Almost Done

Add the black stud to the bottom-back of the body, opposite the black jumper plate.

Step 11: Done

Add the black 1x3 with the black stud in the middle of it.

Step 12: Optional

For the active turret, replace the middle tile/plate with a grey/black 1x2 plate/tile.

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