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Introduction: Lego Portal - Turret Core

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This is the turret core from Meet the Cores 3, an unofficial video from musician Harry Callaghan (he did the music for aperture tag and portal stories : Mel).
All of my other cores are very lacking in detail (being only a literal sphere with a stud for an eye) and unstable, this is the best looking and most stable.
NOTE: the orange stud is trans- NEO orange, which means that if you were to shine a e.g blue light on it, it would glow!


See picture.

Step 1: Core

The actual core part.

Step 2: Arms Extended

If you want the arms retracted, see next step.
I will be using the arms extended model for the rest of this instructable.

Step 3: ALTERNATIVELY:Arms Retracted

If you want the arms extended, see previous step.

Step 4: Management Rail Connector

This doesn’t include the actual rail, but it could be modified to fit one.

Step 5: Final Assembly

I will show the final result with both variations of the model.

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    7 months ago

    Clever use of a preexisting model! I had seen that core design before, but not used for the Turret Core. Come to think of it, never seen a turret core made before!