Introduction: Lego Portal - Turret Core

About: Hello, I am a human that creates (mostly) Lego minifigure scale Lego models of things that when I search for them, there are no accurate results. So far, I am mainly focusing my account .That’s it so far. Also…
This is the turret core from Meet the Cores 3, an unofficial video from musician Harry Callaghan (he did the music for aperture tag and portal stories : Mel).
All of my other cores are very lacking in detail (being only a literal sphere with a stud for an eye) and unstable, this is the best looking and most stable.
NOTE: the orange stud is trans- NEO orange, which means that if you were to shine a e.g blue light on it, it would glow!


See picture.

Step 1: Core

The actual core part.

Step 2: Arms Extended

If you want the arms retracted, see next step.
I will be using the arms extended model for the rest of this instructable.

Step 3: ALTERNATIVELY:Arms Retracted

If you want the arms extended, see previous step.

Step 4: Management Rail Connector

This doesn’t include the actual rail, but it could be modified to fit one.

Step 5: Final Assembly

I will show the final result with both variations of the model.