Introduction: Lego Potato Person

As a kid, I loved playing with Mr Potato Head (2020 - Potato Person). What better way to play than using legos? You don't even have to destroy a potato in the process.



  • Brick round 4x4 - quantity 1
  • Axle 7 or 8 (8 works well if you are using a round brick; if you need to use a round plate then use axle 7) - quantity 1
  • Bush - quantity 1
  • Technic, Axle Connector Hub with 3 Axles - quantity 4
  • Cones 1x1 - quantity 12
  • Plate 2x6 - quantity 6 (you can also use one 2x4 and one 2x2 instead of 2x6 for three of the plates)
  • Plate 2x2 round - quantity 1
  • Dish 4x4 - quantity 1


  • Variety of tiles, small plates, small modified plates, and any other decorative features in your possession.

Step 1: Creating the Potato

Insert two three axle hubs, one bushing, and two additional three axle hubs (see photo 1).

Be sure that the first and fourth axle hubs align as well as the second and third hub pieces (see photo 2).

Insert the axle into the round brick and apply a cone to the end of each axle hub (see photo 3).

Attach the 2x6 plates to the end of the cones (see photo 4).

Insert the 2x2 plate to the 4x4 dish. Then, attach to the stop of the axle (see photo 5).

Step 2: Changing Into Potato Person

Now you are ready to play Potato Person.

Apply the extra pieces (see photo 1) to the potato (see photo 2) to create a character.

Note: I created the eyes using a 2x2 plate, 1x1 round plate, and 1x1 tile with an eye on it.

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