Introduction: Lego Puzzle Box (Simply Amazing)

This Puzzle box is called Simply Amazing. You will need...(You can always make bricks out of smaller bricks if needed).

- 2; 8x8 plates

- 2; 1x1 tiles

- 1; 1x6 tile

- 3; 1x4 tiles

- 1: 1x2 tile

- 2; 2x2 circle tiles

- 2; 1x1 bricks that have the hole in them

- 1; 2x2 "L" shaped

- 3; 2x1 bricks

- 2; 3x1 bricks

- 1; 1x4 bricks

- 3; 1x1 bricks

- 1; 1x6 brick

- 1; 2x2 brick

- 1; 2x4 brick

- 1; 1x1 circle tile

- 1; rod (look in a picture)

Step 1: Building the Base

Put your pieces together as shown.

Step 2: Building the Mechanisms

Take the two 1x1 bricks with holes, and put them as shown. Then take a 2x2 circle tile and put it on top of the rod. The rod will go into the holes. (If you don't have this rod play around with other rods).

Step 3: Building the Walls

Turn the box until the 2x2 circle tile is facing your left. Place the bricks in as shown. Then put in the 1x6 in the last spot.

Step 4: Finishing

Put the 1x1 circle tile in the back spot. Finally you can put on the last 8x8 plate,and add decorations. I put a gold 2x2 circle tile on mine.

Have fun tricking your friends with this Simply Amazing Lego Puzzle Box.

Step 5: Solving

In case you can't tell this is a maze. You need to get the tile out. You fiddle with this for a minute or so, until you realize it can't get out. If you pull the 2x2 circle tile on the side, then fiddle with it some more, it will come out.

Please leave ideas for more Lego Puzzles or anything really.