Introduction: Lego Puzzle Box

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In the following Instructable will be found detailed directions for constructing a challenging Lego puzzle. Solving this puzzle is another step in mastering such brainteasers. I hope you enjoy this "mind developing" undertaking!

Step 1: Making the Box

Start by placing 6 1x6 smooth tile pieces in the center of a 8x8 baseplate. Then build 5 rows of wall around the smooth tiles. Once you have built the 5th row, place smooth tile pieces around the top of the bricks making a smooth border.

Step 2: Making the Small Puzzle Pieces

For this step you will need:

3 2x2 square bricks
3 2x2 smooth square tiles
3 2x2 small square baseplates

Use 1 of the square bricks and place it on top of 1 of the baseplates, then place the smooth tile on top. Do that 3 times.

Step 3: Making the Big Puzzle Pieces

For this step you will need:

12 2x4 bricks
24 1x4 smooth tile pieces
6 4x4 small square baseplates

Line 2 of the 1x4 bricks up side by side, forming a square. Place the 4x4 baseplate under the "square" (the 2 2x4 bricks). Lastly place 4 of the smooth tile pieces on top of that. Do that 6 times.

Step 4: How to Solve the Puzzle

The goal of this puzzle is to fit all 9 pieces inside of the box. Please see the pictures below for solution.

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