Introduction: Lego Space-Guns

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Space-Guns! Everyone loves 'em. My brothers and I decided to make a bunch of lego guns, so here's a few.

Step 1: The Soldier

For starters, you'll need a minifigure to use as the soldier/civilian/whatever-guy. I used a Rebel Trooper head, an army helmet, cyborg body, and a grey backpack for my soldier.

Step 2: The Machine Gun.

The most basic lego weapon anyone has ever made is a Semi-Auto Rifle. I used binoculars, the lego A.D.U. gun, and a hand-wrench thingy for this one. If you add the green pieces, it looks like a paintball gun.

Step 3: Space-Pistol

If you use the Alien space gun, you can add so many different pieces to customize it! I only used the neon cones for this one.

Step 4: The Sniper-Rifle

Take out those aliens stealthily! Using a hand, screwdriver, technic-connecter, and Star Wars rifle makes this gun.