Introduction: Lego Space Police Moped!

Hiya! This is part one of my 4 part space police set! The space police moped, and its also good for other futuristic things! If you don't have the same colours/colors as this Instrucables, then you can use other colors/colours like as in brown chassis, and black sideswipes, or all brown, if you have a black chassis, then you could make one in the "Lego Power Miners" style, or substitute pieces for other pieces! Its all yours, you don't have to credit me, all you have to do, is make it your own. Have fun building!
Also, i am very sorry that the quality is poor, however, all i had to work with was some legos and a built-in laptop camera, otherwise, it would of been A lot better. so, please tell me if you need help, and i will attempt to remake it.

Step 1: The Pieces You Will Need!

Here is the pieces you will need, if you can not see the pictures, i can kinda show you how to make it through simple-ish text instructions.

What you will need:
One Moped chassis (Easly obtainable from buying the set Freeze Ray Frenzy)
Two 1x1x1 clear red slopes (For the back lights, mod them with LED`s to really light up)
One 2x1x1 white slope (Or for the cheapies, two 1x1x1 white slope pieces)
Three 1x1x1 flat clamp pieces (A.K.A. Handle Bases)
One motorbike handle (Yep, motorbike handle)
Two Pole-to-stud pieces (Good for making torches or lights)
Two 1x3x1 Slope pieces (For the back sideswipes)
Three 1x1x1 clear orange studs (Or, if you want to customise it, other colors/colours)
One megaphone piece (Preferably in gray)
Two 1x1x1 clear green cone pieces (Or you could mod them with LED`s too)
Two 1x3x1 rounded slope pieces (Curved, actually...)
Two 1x1x1 pieces with four studs on the sides, holes in the middle (Holes are important!)
One flat 1x2x1 plate (Preferably with a license plate sticker on it)
And about 5 minutes to build it.

Step 2: Step One!

For the purpose of easy building, i will have every single step seperated, for everybody`s good.

Place the megaphone inside the slot on the moped chassis, cone-shaped edge pointing outwards.

Step 3: Step Two!

Take out an clear orange stud, then place it inside the megaphones cone end.

Step 4: Step Three!

Take out one of your three clamp pieces, then put the motorbike handle onto it, pop that onto the cylinder-shaped end.

Step 5: Step Four!

Place one of the two 1x3x1 Curved slope pieces, then place it on the stud near the clamp holding up the steering mechanism, and place.

Step 6: Step Five!

Repeat step four on the other side, recap: place the 1x3x1 curved slope piece on the stud near the steering mechanism.  Your front end should look like a wedge, with a small slit in it, also, please ignore my face half in the picture, and carry on with your building!

Step 7: Step Six!

Add one of your last two clamp pieces to where a wheel would go in the back end of the chassis, it looks kind of like the bottom of the motorbike handle, however, slightly different, for it starts to branch out near the middle of the chassis, place it near the outside of the thing, then push it as far in as it will go, point it towards the back end of the chassis.

Step 8: Step Seven!

Place one of your two 1x1x1 bricks with the studs around it, bottom hole facing the back, and plug it into the clamp piece`s end.

Step 9: Step Eight!

Place one of your two clear orange studs into the back end of your 1x1x1 piece. make sure the `engine` is facing backwards.

Step 10: Step Nine!

Place your 1x3x1 slope brick (Not the curved one, the normal one) on the engine`s side, make sure it is pointing forwards, like the curved bricks.

Step 11: Step Ten!

Repeat steps six through nine,  and place on the other clamp, your engines are now complete. however, you are not done yet.

Step 12: Step Eleven!

Place your 1x2x1 flat `license plate` on the stud near the engines, make sure to center it with the back part, or it won`t let the other steps work.

Step 13: Step Twelve!

Add in one of those stud-top poles into one of the holes. make sure the first lip of the pole (the one with the slits in it) is just on the top of the moped`s lip.

Step 14: Step Thirteen!

Repeat step twelve on the other side... lip on the side of the moped, just like the other one.

Step 15: Step Fourteen!

Place one of your 1x1x1 clear green cone bricks on the stud-top pole.

Step 16: Step Fifteen!

Repeat step fourteen on the other stud-top pole, This keeps the license plate in place, along with making it look more futuristic. you can ignore this step and step fourteen if you don`t like it, although i don`t recomend it.

Step 17: Step Sixteen!

Pop your 2x1x1 slope piece onto the end of the moped closest to where your lego guy will be.

Step 18: Step Seventeen!

Pop one of your red 1x1x1 slopes onto the back of the moped, slope side facing the back, and repeat again!

Step 19: The End!

Pop in your lego guy, and put his hands on the handles. it`s ok that the lego guy is slanted, this version i can`t fix, and if i could, i would, and i`m sorry that i cant. Thank you for taking your time to read and look at the pictures. and i hope you like it. thanks!

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