Introduction: Lego Star Wars Birthday Party

Creating a memorial birthday party doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Here are some great ways to have a Lego Star Wars themed birthday party for a special child in your life!

Step 1: Invitations

The first step in creating a memorable party is to make the invitations. There are many options for invitations. If you are computer savy, doing it yourself is the way to go. I made these invitations to look like "VIP Passes" with all the important party details. I added a lanyard cord for fun. The invitations were slipped into a bookmark sleeve to protect it and will also function as a fun bookmark long after the party is done. If you don't feel up to making an invitation yourself, there are many customizable options to order on

Step 2: Decorations

For this party I tried to use many things I already had at home for decorating. My son helped create his name out of LEGOs and we made a number "6" sign out of LEGOs as well. I used plain white balloons and with a little help from a black sharpie, we made a fleet of storm troopers hanging from our ceiling. I found a picture of a storm trooper online and free-handed a quick trooper on each balloon. Any dollar store will have cheap party decor that you can amp up with a little creativity. Here, I took some basic black paper fans and added some Star Wars images to the front. String it up with ribbon and you have a perfect bunting to match your party theme. Adding in any other toys or things you have at home that match the theme will be a perfect way to round out your party decor. I printed a basic picture of Darth Vader and just taped it to the front of a framed picture for the party - instant party decor! Be sure to use coordinating plastic table cloths. Leaving one table cloth folded up lengthwise and adding it as a runner is a fun way to add a pop of color to your table. Be sure to look for plates, cups and napkins to match your theme as well, or stick with basic colors if you can't find what you are looking for. I also like to give my kids a special shirt to wear at their party and have for the year as a reminder of the fun. We looked to Etsy for this cute LEGO Darth shirt for my little guy. He loved it!

Step 3: Food

Think of ways to pull your theme into the party food as well. Here I made and added a "Yoda Soda" label to a bottle of soda and also made a "Jedi Juice" label for a bottle of juice. At our party, the kids enjoyed pizza and cupcakes. I made basic cupcakes and added frosting and chocolate "jimmies". I visited our local cake decorating store and bought some toppers - Darth Vader and some Storm Troopers along with some Light Saber "picks". This was a super easy and fun way to make the cupcakes match the party theme.

Step 4: Games

Games are a must have for any group of kids! You need to keep them entertained and engaged! As each child arrived we had a table set up with a jar of LEGOs. They had to guess how many were in the jar. I also bought a bunch of pool noodles to make light sabers. I cut each noodle in half and using a variety of different colored duck tape and electrical tape, I made handles that made each noodle look like a light saber. These were SO fun and the boys enjoyed "battling" each other! These were a fun take-home party favor for the kids too! I also made a "Pin the light saber on Darth Vader" game. I used poster board and my printer to make a Vader with the light saber area greyed out. I also made each boy their own custom paper light saber with their name on it. Each boy was blindfolded, spun around a few times and took turns pinning their saber to Vader! Super fun! I also made a bean bag toss game by drawing a Death Star on a poster board and putting a hole in the Superlaser Focus Lens! The kids loved all these games and enjoyed trying to beat their buddies!

Step 5: Gifts and Thank Yous

When it came time for gifts, I took a picture of each boy with my son and the gift they gave him. It saves time having to write everything down and I could look back later to see who gave the gifts so he could write them a Thank You. I like taking a group picture of the kids at the party and using that as the cover of a thank you note. It's a fun keepsake for them as well. Adding a graphic and some color pulls in the party theme again and makes the Thank You even more fun! After the party we created a card display by stringing up some ribbon and using little binder clips to showcase all the fun cards. It's a great way to keep the fun going for awhile after the party is done!

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