Introduction: Lego Swap the Pegs Puzzle

I once saw this game on a coffee table at a friend's house. I have always wanted to build it out of Lego, and finally I ran out of other things to do! So here it is, I have built the base in black for the purposes of the demonstration, but my colour of choice is brown.


Lego, Lego, and Lego. You can choose what parts to use, I am just making a suggestion.

Step 1: Building the Base

Make a base that is 22 X 4 (the bigger the pieces the better)

Step 2: The First Level

Now build up the edges using 1 brick wide plates, and fill in the middle with a 1 plate, 2 tile pattern.

Step 3: Level 2

Add another layer to the plates.

Step 4: Making It Look Good...

Now add tiles to all the plates.

Step 5: Building the Playing Pieces

I used brown, tan, and light brown for my playing pieces. You can use any colour of your choice.

Step 6: How to Play

The aim of the game is to swap the pieces... So the pieces on the left end on the right and visa versa.
Choose one piece and move it either 1 space forward, or jump 1 space over the peg in front of it.(equivalent of moving forward two spaces.)

Step 7: You Win

You win if you manage to swap the pieces, without reversing, jumping over two spaces, or spinning around the board... (Because if you spin it by 180 degrees it looks like you won)
I hope you enjoyed my first Instructable, if you liked it please vote! If you didn't like it, tell me why.

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