Introduction: Lego Table

A simple and inexpensive DIY lego table that your little ones will enjoy. Its easy to move from one room to another if needed. IKEA also sells chairs that fit perfectly underneath this table.


IKEA LACK side table- comes in variety of colors (glossy red, glossy white, yellow, white, black, brown, gray, green, birch) ---> amazon or your local IKEA store

(4) LEGO base plates ---> amazon

Contact Cement ----> amazon or any hardware store


1. Put together IKEA LACK table as instructed

2. Connect the base plates together using LEGO pieces you may already have. This step is important because it will ensure that the plates are evenly disbursed to fit Legos along the middle seam.

3. Set plate on table and mark with pencil around border to make gluing down easier

4. Coat both the back of the base plate and the table with the contact cement. Instructions on cement asks that you let it air dry for up to one hour before bonding together so you have plenty of time to coat both the plate and the table.

5. Carefully set coated base plate onto table using the previous outline you made with pencil.

6. Enjoy and create!!!