Introduction: Lego Zelda Deku Baba

Here’s how to make a Lego Deku baba for your Lego Link to fight

Step 1: Pieces

These are the pieces you’ll need.

Step 2: Put the Circle Piece on the Base

Put the circle piece on the black rigid edged piece.

Step 3: Arrange the Brown Pieces on the Circle Piece

Carefully observe the picture and arrange the brown pieces on the two pieces you just put together.

Step 4: Next Step

Put the black piece inside the hooks of the banner.

Step 5: Yet Another Step

Take the smooth very nice looking piece and on the end with the point put the brown piece with the single hook on,And at the end with the peg on it put the brown cone on.

Step 6: Another Step

Put the two times one on piece on the base with a single peg on it on the bottom of the cone.

Step 7: More Steps

Put the gray piece on the piece with a single hook.

Step 8: Steps Galore

Take the brown piece with a hole in the center and put the gray piece that will fit inside inside the hole inside the hole.

Step 9: So. Many. Steps.

Put the rigid vine piece in the gray piece that you stuck in the brown hole.

Step 10: Final Step

Put the two thin 4 x 2’s as shown.