Introduction: Lego Terraria Retinazer

Hello everyone and today is a tutorial on making Retinazer from terraria

Step 1: Making the Body

Make a 4x4 baseplate then putting a 2x2 in the middle. After that get a 1x4 with studs on the side. Then complete the pattern with the images

Step 2: Making the Tentacles

Make the tentacles by using a 1x1 with a slope on top. The 5th piece is by using a stud with 2 1x1s then putting a 1x1 on top of the 1x1. Then add a slope.

Step 3: Adding the Front

Just an easy step

Step 4: Making the Eye

Start by putting a 2x2 blue brick then add a red 2x2 brick on top of the blue brick. Then add a black pupil. I used grey because I can't find any black studs.

Step 5: Making the Laser Eye

Take off the eye. Put down a 2x2 black circle brick then add a grey stud in the middle. Add a grey cone to the stud. Then add a red stud to the cone.

Step 6: Your Finished!

I hoped you liked this Lego Terraria Retinazer build. Stay Burning. Signed TheAmazingPyro