Introduction: Leinadworks; a Standing Pencil Case

This is my 76th prototype of a standing pencil case. (True)

As a product designer, I've always been into making pencil case since 2014.

There are two main features of this pencil case.

1) Standing; It is always convenient to have case standing in order to instantly pick the right pen, looking from above.

2) Customizable; I wanted each pencil case to have its own identity for artists or designers.

To build this pencil case, you will need,

1) 3D printer

2) Super glue

Step 1: Download STL Files

There are four main components of this pencil case.

1) Upper Case

2) Bottom Case

3) Upper Ring

4) Bottom Ring

You can download it from Thingiverse projects or directly from this tutorial.

Step 2: 3D Print STL Files

I used 'Monoprice Mini v2.0' for the printing.

Here's the setup that I used.

  • Layer thickness: 0.15mm
  • Infill: 20%
  • Supports only on the 'bottom ring' part. else, I just printed without any supports.

Total printing time took around 7 hrs.

Upper Case: 1.5 hrs

Bottom Case: 4.5 hrs

Upper Ring : 0.5 hrs

Bottom Ring: 0.5 hrs.

Step 3: Assembly

Here, we will attach

1) Upper ring to Upper Case

2) Bottom ring to Bottom Case

Using superglue.

Make sure that you leave them dry for more than 10 minutes before closing them together.

Step 4: Customization; Make One and Only Pencil Case.

As I said, this pencil case has its beauty in 'Customization'.

You are free to try your own methods. Here are some I tried.

1) Using Vinyl cutter for Marshmello & Storm troopers

2) Edited original file using Fusion 360; Mickey mouse, Coco and Sully from Monster Inc.

3) Used Acrylic Paint for colors on Sully and Coco

Original Design file (Fusion 360) :

I uploaded original fusion file for this pencil case, and you are free to make your own version of it.

I still have long way to go to improve this pencil case, and I'll be back with more updates later.

Please enjoy and don't forget to share your unique design.


Step 5: Put It on Your Desk and Backpack & Enjoy!

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